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When choosing how and where to spend your nearest holiday, consider going on ship cruises. The popularity of this vacation is considerably increasing. To cruise or not to cruise is a personal decision, but this is one of the best solutions for individual travellers and families who want to get the most out of their holiday tours. Nowadays different variations of water activities are provided to meet the needs of travellers: sea cruises for leisure and relaxation; adventure boat cruises along exotic rivers; expedition cruises to feel yourself the second Christopher Columbus. Let's find out the reasons why you should prefer a cruise:

Choice & Value

A cruise deal is perfect value for money, providing high quality service standards. There is no faster and cheaper way to see so many islands and countries in one trip. Well-known cruise sale companies are constantly changing their itineraries and adding something interesting and new to see. There are plenty of different theme tours, e.g. wine and grand prix. Education at sea has become quite trendy, so you can take an expedition cruise. A cruise deal can represent a breathtaking voyage up to 2,000 destinations varying from the Caribbean islands to Alaska glaciers, from the Mediterranean to the Baltic, from Europe to Australia.


A cruise holiday offers the all-in-one tour. A cruise deal gives you a unique chance to enjoy the wide range of events and catering, which are located one step away from your cabin. It's like a floating city. A lot of liners offer entertainment, which includes live music, discos, casinos, spa treatments, sunbathing, swimming, and activities for children. Peculiarities of local culture can be explored when a ship comes to harbours of different countries and continents.

Easy Planning

Cruise holidays are very easy to plan because they usually include transportation and accommodation. They make it possible to visit multiple places in the world without changing hotels, constantly packing and unpacking your suitcases. Getting to the cruise vessels is easier than ever. With the help of online cruise sale, travellers can choose the nearest departure port to exclude this planning step.

Foodies Haven

Fine food is an important part of the experience. Cruise liners usually employ highly recommended master chefs who offer beautifully crafted menus. Ships usually include several formal dinners during the tour. Ship cruises offer several cuisine options and different restaurants, making dining an enjoyable event.


Cruising is the perfect way to raise your adrenaline level and to get adventure experience without abandoning your belongings and having to go on the overseas escape without luxury that you deserve. Imagine taking pictures while hiking up a river course in Jamaica or riding a dog sleigh in Alaska. Isn't it awesome!?

To find a reliable travel agency is crucially important if you have made your choice in favour of water-related holidays. World-of-waterways.com is ready to offer you the cruise of your dream online. Every day we search for the best prices on quality sailings. We cooperate with the leading suppliers of boat cruises, and you always get a pretty good value for your money. We help to tailor the voyage to suit your taste. When it is time to make your booking, our search engine gives you real-time pricing, including all cruise sales. We are constantly improving to make our site your favourite online shop for tours. Cruises are our passion, we would like it to be yours too!