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Hapag-Lloyd cruises

Hapag-Lloyd proves to be a travel company that introduced many new concepts to the cruise industry since its first ship the Augusta Victoria has gone for a maiden voyage in the stormy winter season in 1891. Being designed in the rococo style, the vessel resembled a huge floating palace with plenty of luxurious attributes. Albert Ballin, the company director, wanted it to be the first ‘pleasure voyage’. Well-off customers went on for this Hapag-Lloyd cruise not only for geography purposes, i. e. to get from one place to another by ship, but also for making their lives more interesting, full on bright impressions and valuable travel info. At that time the idea of making every moment a wonderful story seemed very innovative as no other ship in the world had been built for tourism before. However, nowadays it is the notion the whole travel sphere is based on.

According to official customer info, Hapag-Lloyd cruise company owns 4 ships that have different navigation seasons and sailing geography. The first one, a 5-star Europa, turns out to be an amazing yacht that can accommodate up to 400 guests.The second vessel was constructed in 2013 so it is new and sophisticated. Aboard this ship, called Europa 2, you will find a harmonic combination of comfort, luxury and simplicity and feel like visiting kind of a resort. The third and the fourth vessels — the Hanseatic and the Bremen — stand out from the rest of the fleet as they are expeditional.

The choice of destinations the Hapag-Lloyd cruise line offers is enormous. Itineraries cover all major parts of the world: Western and Eastern Mediterranean, the US and Canada, the Caribbean region, the Arctic, Antarctica, Africa, Asia, Central and South America and some others. Routes are planned in such a way that they meet both needs of traditional sightseers and adventure seekers. Moreover, the company organizes themed cruises for golf players, music fans, gourmets, etc. The cruise managers even put forward the notion of ‘edutainment’, that is a sum of the words ‘education’ and ‘entertainment’, to define a voyage aimed at people who want to expand their intellectual horizons.

The Hapag-Lloyd corporate philosophy tends to be synonymous to development, moving forward. That is one of the reasons why the company has been holding leadership position for more than 125 years already. It was the first operator to equip the ship with an onboard indoor swimming pool. The operator became one of the pioneers in expedition voyages too. It was the owner of the first high ice class ship ever. Such a spirit of innovation is reflected in all the Hapag-Lloyd line offers to travelers so by booking one of its tours you may be sure that everything will be first-rate, brand-new and planned in much detail. A list of up-to-date deals is always presented at the world-of-waterways.com so do not hesitate to place your order any time you want. For example, you may do it right now!