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Alaska-Inside Passage

Cruises to Alaska Inside Passage

By their geography Alaska Inside Passage cruises are round-trips that usually start and finish in Seattle or Vancouver (Canada) and allow tourists to see the travel region in all its beauty. The 49th US state is situated in the northernmost part of the continent, and plenty of tourists from all over the world are looking forward to navigate along the Pacific coast and have a look at numerous local islands. Most deals for the destination are provided by Holland America and Princess, although other operators may also offer some options. As a rule, itineraries cover such ports of call as Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, Icy Strait, Petersburg and some others.


One of the most difficult things for customers, who are planning their Alaska Inside Passage cruise, is to analyze info about climate of the region and choose the most appropriate season for traveling. From the one hand, many tour operators advise on going in summer — in June, July and August. The reason for this is that air temperature tends to be high at this time. From the other hand, summer turns out to be quite a rainy season, and the prices are far from being affordable. Another option is cruising in shoulder periods, i. e. in May or September. The fares are much lower and there are fewer tourists in the area, but chances that some shore excursions (e. g., boat and helicopter tours) would be cancelled due to weather conditions are high.


What should you expect from an Alaska Passage cruise and what is better to pay attention to? Most tourists are dreaming about such a voyage because they want to admire marvelous local landscapes. So the stress is mainly put on natural sights. During the cruise you will be able to have a look at amazing mountains, huge glaciers, endless rainforests and Arctic tundra. Even more interesting is the wildlife. A lot of rare animals live in the region; for example, you are likely to see whales, bears, seals, eagles, moose and other species in their natural environment. The process of watching them is just fascinating! Besides, if you are lucky enough, you may also have an opportunity to see the Northern Lights and take wonderful pictures.


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