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Cruises to Alaska N./S. Bound

Alaska N./S. Bound cruises cover the 49th state of the US and allow tourists to explore the geography of this amazing region of travel to the fullest. As a rule, it is a one-way voyage along the Pacific coastline from Seattle/Vancouver to Seward/Whittier and vica versa. Its duration is approximately 7 days, however, it may differ depending on the tour operator. The industry leaders for this destination are Princess and Holland America companies, but almost any popular line offers at least a couple of deals. The vessel will likely call at such ports as Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Sitka and some others.


While choosing a suitable season for an Alaska N./S. Bound cruise customers sometimes feel at a loss because the weather in this region is unpredictable and changeable. Still statistics say that the best season for visiting the area tends to be summer. If you plan your voyage for June, July or August the weather may be warm. However, it often rains at this time period and the prices are relatively high because of demand. So maybe a better option will be to book a cruise for late spring or early autumn as it is a good opportunity to save up some money. May is the driest period in the region so rains are rare and the air temperature is optimal. And in September tourists have a chance to look at Aurora Borealis, if they are lucky enough.


Every port of call, included into the itinerary of Alaska N./S. Bound cruises, has some natural and historical sights that are worth looking at. Thus, in Ketchikan tourists may walk along the Creek Street, in Juneau — the capital city — they may go kayaking, canoeing or hiking near the Mendenhall Glacier, in Skagway travelers should definitely visit the Yukon railroad that was used by gold-seekers in the past and in Sitka they may admire remnants of Tlingit Indian and Russian settlements and drop to the place where injured American eagles are being healed. But for birds, the area is rich in different animal species: whales, bears, moose, seals, etc. So wildlife as well as landscapes the vessel will be passing by may seem just marvelous!


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