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Cruises to Bermuda

Those who are looking for a perfect holiday option that allows to combine lying on the beach with active travel should pay close attention to Bermuda cruises. This archipelago of volcanic origin is located in the Atlantic ocean, southeast to the US coast, and includes 8 big islands as well as a number of smaller ones. However, from the point of view of political geography the region refers to Great Britain and turns out to be its largest overseas territory, still UK visa is not required for customers of Bermuda cruises. The coastline stretches along 103 kilometers. But the archipelago does not seem large as it takes about an hour to cross it from north to south.


The duration of the navigation season for Bermuda cruises is 8 months — according to statistical info, it lasts from the end of April to the middle of November. The peak time for tourists proves to be summer — from June to August — whereas spring (April) is a shoulder period. September and October can be rainy and stormy so if you want the weather to be nice and stable during the journey, try to avoid these months. Still people with a restricted budget may go traveling in fall as the prices are usually more affordable than in other seasons. Another opportunity to save up a little money is to book a repositioning transatlantic cruise.


As for tourist attractions worth seeing in Bermuda, the number one sight tends to be its marvelous white and pink sandy beaches. Those of Warwick Long Bay and Jobson’s Cove are suitable for quiet leisure. These places are ideal for families and couples looking for a romantic atmosphere. By the way, a lot of lovers dream about organizing their wedding on the Bermuda islands and they actually have such an opportunity after resolving some formalities. Fans of active holidays are sure to like beaches situated on such bays as Tobacco, Somerset Long, Horseshoe, Church and some others. Cruisers who are fond of not only for sunbathing but also of getting some cultural experience may visit St. George's, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Royal Naval Dockyard, the Aquarium, the Underwater Exploration Institute as well as the Botanical Gardens and the Crystal Caves.


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