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India river cruises usually cover two major water arteries — the Ganges, including its tributary the Hugli, and the Brahmaputra; for those who know the geography of the region perfectly well such a subdivision of travel destinations seems logical and obvious. Let us consider the reasons why. The Ganges flows in the Bengal region that is located in the eastern part of the country whereas the Brahmaputra is mostly situated in the Assam state in the north of India. Although these 2 waterways are connected with each other with a delta, still organizing a cruise along both of them at once seems difficult as the weather conditions vary a lot. So most travel companies offer their customers the aforementioned 2 kinds of India rivers cruises and provide helpful info and tips about each of them.


While planning your holiday in this country pay attention to the choice of season. According to tourist booklets, in general the navigation period in India lasts all the year round. Still mind that Brahmaputra cruises usually begin in October and finish in June. The highest temperature and humidity levels are in July, August and September whereas in autumn and winter they are moderate. In spring the weather may be unpredictable and changeable so occasional storms often occur. Summer seems the best season for admiring the flora and fauna. In late autumn you will have a chance to look at the Himalayan snows.


Depending on the cruise line you choose itineraries for journeys in India may differ. However, as a rule, most Brahmaputra river routes include such cities as Guwahati, Sualkuchi, Kurua and Mayang. At the same time the itinerary for the Ganges and the Hugli cruises cover Farakka, Baranagar, Kolkata, Kalna and some other notable cities. If you decide to travel in the north of the country, be ready to see rhinos in Kaziranga National Park, immense tea plantations and factories along the river banks and learn a lot of new things about local culture that is a mix of Chinese, Tibetan, Bangladeshi and Indian heritage. And if you are going to travel along the Ganges you are likely to visit many spiritual places: Mughal ruins of palaces and forts, Buddhist monasteries in Vikramshila, 6th century rock carvings in Bateshwar, etc. And if you are lucky enough you will meet famous dolphins that live in this river.


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