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Japan and Far East

Cruises to Japan and Far East

The Far East turns out to be a popular cruise destination that presupposes visiting Japan, China, Thailand, Cambodia, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Vietnam and other countries of the region which are often chosen by customers who want to expand their geography of travel with some exotic places. Cunard, Princess, the Royal Caribbean International are in the list of top companies that offer different tour options for the location. The itineraries for many of these cruises formed historically as they were trade routes that merchants followed when they exported spices, tea, silk, gems and other precious goods to different corners of the world. However, contrary to ancient times, nowadays tourists go on such voyages on big comfortable liners with all modern conveniences.


The navigation season for Japan and Far East Cruises lasts all the year round, however you should study the climate info more precisely concerning the country you are planning to visit. As a rule, tourists from Europe and North America tend to come to the region in winter when it is cold and damp in their own hometowns so it proves to be a nice option for Christmas holidays. Plenty of travelers prefer to go to Japan in spring in a cherry blossom period as at this time the nature looks very beautiful and romantic. Still visiting China and Singapore is also a good variant not only for esthetic reasons but also because it is a chance to save up a little money.


The Far East and Japan cruises cover a lot of marvels that are sure to impress all the tourists, even the most experienced ones. For example, Hakone National Park in Tokyo and Kakunodate Samurai District in Akita, old Buddhist temples and Arab markets in Singapore, courtyards of Gyeongbok Palace in Seoul, the Great Wall in Beijing, huge sandy beaches in Bali and Phuket seem just perfect. Besides, by going on such a journey you will get an opportunity to learn more about Asian culture and see some kinds of performance you cannot admire at home E. g., you will have a chance to watch Chinese Crosstalk Comedy, acrobatic and illusion shows, etc.


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