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Scandinavian fjords cruises have nothing to do with traditional travel tours as, thanks to the northern geography, by its climate and nature the region differs a lot from the ones customers are used to navigate in Europe. Looking at this severe and at the same time stunning area many people change their view on beauty and come back there again to spend a holiday in the world of icy silence. Thanks to such operators as Hurtigruten, Cunard, Royal Caribbean, Fred Olsen and some others, that organize cruises along the western coast of Norway towards Spitsbergen, such a journey becomes possible. On their way vessels usually call at such ports as Oslo, Bergen, Geiranger, Stavanger and Alesund. Still, depending on the cruise line this classic itinerary may be changed.


Statistical info says that the best season for Scandinavian fjord cruises tends to be summer when the ‘Midnight sun’ is shining. More than a hundred years ago the navigation period in the area was even limited to July and August. However, nowadays it lasts from May to September, and some travel agencies advise their customers to choose late spring or early autumn in order to avoid summer crowds and save a little money. But, of course, it is up to you to decide what option to prefer. Fans of extreme adventures may even go on their voyage in winter as the Hurtigruten company gives them such a chance by providing tours all the year round.


Scandinavian fjords cruises are perfect for those who are tired of seeing popular tourist sights and want to see natural wonders in their naked beauty. But for the fjords, that are narrow inlets separated from the glaciers many years ago, you will be able to admire Iceland’s geysers, thermal springs, high waterfalls, snow-capped mountains and rocks, etc. Besides, such a journey would be your rare opportunity to see unique northern flora and fauna — whales, seals, to name but a few. Nevertheless, despite a truly natural ‘base’ of Scandinavian fjords cruises, tourists still can see some wonderful historical places in Oslo, e. g., by visiting the Vigeland park as well as many ancient cathedrals and castles.


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