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Nile river cruises

If you plan to discover the ancient treasures of Egypt, it might be a good idea to book one of the Nile cruises. They are considered to be a kind of unforgettable experience. This legendary waterway has been Egypt's lifeline from times immemorial. So, the Nile river cruises give you a golden opportunity to trace the passage of regional history. The vessels operates between Aswan and Luxor. Each day of the Nile cruises trip provides you a chance to explore new sites and adventures. Some of the most popular routes are as follows.

  • 10-nights Nile cruises. This popular itinerary is a good way to encounter the must-see sites of the Upper Egypt. The route includes some ancient sites across the river and a stay in Cairo.
  • 14-nights Nile & Luxor cruises. See the fabulous points of interest in the fascinating ancient city. Luxor has much to offer to experienced travellers. Step onshore to take to national felucca boats to sail along Nile banks, visit Luxor historical museum or make a raid upon oriental bazaar.
  • 14-nights Nile river & Hurghada cruises. Stay at the resort city might relieve the tedium of your voyage. Hurghada is famous for its iconic beaches fringed by coral reefs and aquamarine shoreline. This place is a natural for diving and other waterfront activities. Don't miss a chance to see splendid fauna of the Red see.
  • 7-nights Aswan & Lake Nasser. This Nile cruise program is destined for those voyagers who seek for a stunning combination of ancienf history and magnificent natural scenery. Experienced travellers say Lake Nasser is a perfect location to relax from hustle Nile valley tourist attraction.

No matter what route you choose, the boats and liners offer high standarts of service and accomodation. For any detailed information about the upcoming Nile river cruises you can contact our consultants in any spare moment.